Dinner Menu

 Our menu may change depending on the availability of fresh ingredients. Visit Zatar’s Facebook page to view our Daily Specials

mezza – appetizers – tapas

warm lamb dolmas
grape leaves, freshly ground lamb, basmati rice, capers, toasted pine nuts, herb-yogurt sauce….MX$160

ahi tuna carpaccio
avocado, grapefruit, jalapeño, fresh basil….MX$175

fillo pasty, spinach, chard, fresh herbs, feta cheese….MX$160

gambas al ajillo
fresh shrimp, garlic, chile, smoked paprika….MX$150

hummus with zatar bread and crudités….MX$95

mohamara – spread of pomegranate, roasted red pepper & walnuts served with zatar bread and crudités….MX$95

lebna bil kusa – spread of roasted squash, yogurt, sesame and lemon served with zatar bread and crudités….MX$90

mezza sampler – mohamara, lebna bil kusa and hummus served with zatar bread and crudités….MX$150

lentil soup
spinach, leeks and lemon….MX$80


mixed greens, rooftop garden herbs
zatar, lemon and olive oil….MX$100

butter lettuces salad
shaved manchego, toasted almonds, olives, caramelized shallot dressing….MX$140



larger plates/main course

grilled leg of lamb
cardamom basmati  rice, jajeek, arugula zatar salad….MX$300

chicken kabab
organic breast of chicken, cardamom basmati rice, chermoula, and harissa ….MX$275

vegetable tagine   moroccan stew of eggplant, tomato, squashes, chickpeas, leeks and chard – served over couscous with harissa…..MX$225

fresh sail fish    sautée of cherry tomatoes, capers and fresh basil,  sesame-lemon sauce, roasted potatoes…MX$275


grilled vegetables….MX$50

cardamom basmati rice….MX$30

house-baked zatar bread….MX$25

house-baked bread with zatar and olive oil….MX$35

jajeek – yogurt sauce with fresh dill, mint and parsley….MX$30


walnut baklava with honey….MX$65

cardamom ice cream with medjool dates and caramelized walnuts….MX$90

flourless chocolate cake….MX$120

stuffed medjool dates  with coconut, walnut and fennel seeds….MX$50

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