On the Menu

315-30-080204_2Zatar offers an eclectic Mediterranean cuisine influenced by the Iraqi upbringing of Chef Waiel Majid. Dishes commonly reflect the savory spices of Morocco, Lebanon, and Syria, as well as other parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Having lived and travelled all over the Mediterranean, the Majid’s also find inspiration in Spanish, Southern French and Italian cooking.

Above all, Zatar emphasizes the use of fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. Ingredients are never delivered in bulk, but rather harvested daily from the Majids’ organic garden or hand-chosen and sourced from local growers. So the grilled trombocino squash on your plate may have been picked from the garden just an hour earlier!

…a festive dimly lit atmosphere that makes you look like a million bucks, why would you go anywhere else?
– Lori Hope

Greetings from Albania…I visited my daughter in Berkeley in March and came to your restaurant three times for dinner during that time and will definitely return next visit! Every meal was exquisite and lingers in my mind.
– Mary