Zatar's Famous Mint Lemonadebeverages

Zatar’s COCKTAIL LIST is coming soon!!

tamarind with rose water & lemon….MX$40
mint lemonade (house-made lemonade ¬†with fresh spearmint)….MX$40
house-made lemonade….MX$35
jalab (date syrup with rose water)….MX$40
iced black tea with cardamom….MX$30
sparkling water….MX$25


pomegranate sangria (red wine sangria with pomegranate)
andalusian sangria (traditional red wine sangria with citrus)

wine….Zatar serves a selection of fine wines that pair exquisitely with our cuisine

tea & tisaneZatar's House-Blended Teas

fine loose-leaf teas & fresh herbs harvested from our own organic gardens
arabic tea…… (black tea with cardamom)
moroccan mint tea – fresh spearmint, gunpowder green tea & sugar
herbal infusions (lemon grass, fresh mint, ginger-turmeric or chamomile)